The Daily Tweets, 2009-08-27

  • @jansonjones It's so nice for you to be able to spend a day at home w/ the little one. 😉 in reply to jansonjones #
  • @jansonjones I hope you're archiving your tweets for Aurelia's baby book. She'll love them when she gets older! (I sincerely hope.) in reply to jansonjones #
  • Enjoying my friend @jansonjones tweets about taking care of his 6-week-old daughter today. Aurelia rocks! (& poos!) #
  • RT: @10ch: Everyone is a comedian when you drive around with a kitchen sink in your car. // Shopping around your resumé? #
  • @jansonjones Some people wd complain to read that just before eating lunch. I say, at least I didn't read it before having my morning gruel! in reply to jansonjones #
  • Off to Scanhome to pick up my alternative couch covers. A new color — two of 'em! #
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