The Daily Tweets, 2009-08-22

  • At downtown @KaladiBrothers, writing. Two young women who were thoughtlessly displaying their butt cracks just left, thank goodness. #
  • Studying maps of Sydney, Australia to track flight path of 1955 runaway plane my character is stuck in… #
  • The glorious goodness that is Google Maps and other online maps – this one gives bird's eyes from Bankstown NSW. #
  • RT: @jdubinak: [Pic] uploaded by @yksin – sharing cause im in it. 🙂 // I didn't upload it, just tagged you on it. #
  • @JoeQualls Sorry for delay, somehow did not see your tweets till just now. None appear on my Twitter homepage. in reply to JoeQualls #
  • @jdubinak QAF good idea for tonight! love that show, so much better than LWord – I own entire series on DVD (never wd buy LWord bleh). in reply to jdubinak #
  • @jdubinak I thought about watching QAF last night, but watched half of "Dogma" instead (then fell asleep). But QAF sounds good tonight. in reply to jdubinak #
  • @jdubinak I watched all of L Word to know what other people talked about. But writing was inconsistent. Ilene Chaiken sucks as a writer. in reply to jdubinak #

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