The Daily Tweets, 2009-08-18

  • @jdubinak My pleasure! and you're right about Brian Hutton being a terrific person too. in reply to jdubinak #
  • RT: @tonei: KTVA is asking "Do you agree with Mayor Sullivan's veto?" Unscientific, but visit, click NO, and RT. #anclgbt #
  • 25 years — maximum sentence – for man convicted of hate crime murder of transgender woman. – #
  • Tomorrow I take delivery on my new love seat/couch. Doesn't make up for Sullivan's veto of equal protections for LGBT… but it helps. #
  • @jdubinak "goodle" homepage? [grin]… I use TwitterFox on my browser (Firefox), Twitterdeck on my iPod Touch. in reply to jdubinak #
  • @tonei Must be a rightytighty campaign on KTVA's unscientific poll — "yes" is way ahead there now. in reply to tonei #
  • @tonei What an asshole. in reply to tonei #
  • Annual crop of dead cars with expired tags accumulating in my apt complex parking lot. Just as well my car's loaned out: no place to park. #

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