The Daily Tweets, 2009-08-13

  • RT: @adndotcom: Facebook pulls plug on screenwriter's bogus Sarah Palin page that fooled hundreds of Palin fans. #
  • Jesse heading back to Denali. Didn't realize he'd driven his scooter all the way down! – he just got his motorcycle endorsement a week ago. #
  • @GreatGrey Dentist?… whew: Don't think I'd want Orly Taitz's batshit craziness anywhere near my teeth. in reply to GreatGrey #
  • About to get acquainted with the UAA CMS, which we'll be moving academic portion of our website into. #
  • In new Facebook posting, Palin's ghost writer stands by "death panel" claim, says Obama "made light" of Palin concerns. #
  • But who really made light of Palin's "death panel" claims? Stewart, Colbert… EVERYBODY who's sane. Why? b/c her claims were stupid. #
  • RT: @joshtpm: Man carrying "Death to Obama" sign at Marylnd townhall detained by Secret Service … #
  • Progressive Alaska: The Crazy Woman Was For the Death Panel Before She Was Against It #

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