The Daily Tweets, 2009-06-24

  • @tonei proord = pro-ordinance in reply to tonei #
  • @tonei and yeah muni lib access wifi is worthless in reply to tonei #
  • @jansonjones passed your photos link on to Bent Alaska’s wall on FaceBook – main LGBT blog run by friend of mine in reply to jansonjones #
  • Time for coffee. Long past time. Coffee, & wouldn’t it be nice if they had pumpkin scones today too? I deserve ’em. #
  • No pumpkin scones; settled for blueberry. Now settling down for some Alaska Justice Forum layout. Cue music. #
  • RT: @mmoak: Conn. church creates stir with gay exorcism video [sick deluded Christianists casting out boy’s own spirit!] #
  • Floridana Alaskiana v2.5 video of last night’s demos for/against Ordinance 64 outside the Loussac. #anclgbt #
  • Carefully walked leftover cottage cheese to fridge to avoid 2nd disturbing cottage cheese curd spatter incident. Dexter prefers blood. #
  • @jansonjones Think our dear Sarah might make a party switch soon? hahaaaa in reply to jansonjones #
  • @jansonjones “That would require reading and initiative” — unless she makes such a big Faux pas that Faux News changes her party, eh? in reply to jansonjones #
  • A Christian social network in Big Lake decided to follow my tweets. Nope, don’t think so. I blocked ’em. #
  • Just back from Sylvia’s, whose caught me up on Guiding Light’s “Otalia” storyline. Daytime lesbo romance booyah! #

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