The Daily Tweets, 2009-06-19

  • Dream in the night: combination Assembly public testimony & “Sweet Honey in the Rock” concert. A cappella for equality, yeah. #
  • Ossiander is now going to allow more testimony sign-ups. Let’s see how many more busloads of Mat-Su people Prevo & co. will bring in. #
  • RE: @Emperor_Bob Bravo! Just added yours & Daniella’s post to my long list of posts about the first three ordinance hea… #
  • A letter of freedom in celebration of Juneteenth. #
  • Canceled electronic sub to ADN.”Residents demand to air views on gay-rights amendment” completely ignores ?s about nonres witnesses. #
  • @shadowmaat I’d suspect a “don’t tweet at shadowmaat” plot by Johnny Snow, but… well, that’d be waaay beyond him. in reply to shadowmaat #
  • @PastorD Note I said “Prevo & co.” — & co. includes Prevo allies in Valley. Per 6/9 hearing, we know witnesses from Mat-Su orchestrated. in reply to PastorD #
  • Updated with Anchorage Press/ADN stories: Three Assembly hearings: A compilation #anclgbt #
  • @PastorD So I’ve heard. Prevo & co. found a hole in the Muni code & exploited it w/ Ossiander’s knowing or unknowing cooperation. in reply to PastorD #
  • @PastorD After all, we shd let Mat-Su make Anc law, just like we let Mexicans & Canadians make U.S. law, right? Oops — except that we don’t in reply to PastorD #
  • RT: @motivational: “If you put fences around people, you get sheep.” -William McKnight.– Sound like anyone you know, Anchorage? #anclgbt #
  • @doccarooni 2 more books came in. #
  • Still wiped out — but it’s Friday night! Ordering food for delivery, vegging out w/ DVD, then bed to catch up on zzzzzz. #
  • Watching Daily Show first time in weeks. Aaahhh vegging…! #

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