Commenting on my blog

First, I hope you will!

Second, I’ve made it easier: the default for this software (WordPress) was to require registration in order to comment, but to heck with that: now you only need to supply a name (just using your first name or a nickname is fine) & an email address (the latter will not be published with your comment). So please, comment away!

Of course, you can still register to this site if you want, using the registration form. But don’t feel obligated.



By the way, if you comment very much around the web, you might want to consider getting a Globally Recognized Avatar, or Gravatar.  A gravatar is simply an 80×80 pixel-size image (a photo, an icon, whatever) that you use as an avatar across the web, which is generally tied to your email address.  Visit the Gravatar site for more info or to set one up. You’ll see my gravatar anytime I post a comment on one of my own posts.

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