Eyes Remain Open: A photoblog

I’ve decided to publish all my Eyes Remain Open photoblog photos on my main blog Henkimaa, but they’re also directly on Eyes Remain Open because the color scheme there (black background) is actually nicer for photos. Yet I don’t want this blog to be black background. But if you want just the photos, you might want to look at ’em there.

Meanwhile here’s the description with which I began the Eyes Remain Open blog on November 11, 2005:

This blog takes its name from my favorite Finnish proverb:
Rakkaus on ankara ja lempi kova,
siihen juolee seisaalleen ja silmät jää auki.

(Love is severe & devotion tough,
it kills you on your feet & your eyes remain open.)

In this context, that’s not a comment on how hard taking good pics can be sometimes (though it can be, especially when it’s freezing-ass cold outside as it’s been here lately); but on the how the simple framing & recording of an image in a camera, & the sharing of that image with others, helps me to combat my despair & keep my love for the world alive, & keep me devoted to living & working for life in the face of great odds.

Something like that.

Let the pics I take, & the pics I share here, always reflect that love & devotion, as I strive to keep my eyes open, however painful that may be.

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