Still waiting for Troopergate report

But here’s an update from the ADN’s Kyle Hopkins:

3 p.m.: So here’s something to consider while we wait for the Legislative Council to vote — and yes, we’re still waiting:

The council needs eight votes to release the investigator’s report. Three members of the 14-member council aren’t here — Rep. Ralph Samuels, Rep. John Harris and Rep. John Coghill.

Unless they called in after the meeting started, that means they’re automatic “no votes.”

So what’s going on behind those doors? Do they have enough votes to make the report public?

Sen. John Cowdery isn’t here, but phoned in.

I’d reckon there are at least five votes in favor of releasing the report: the four Democrats on the committee, & Sen. Lyda Green, Republican of Wasilla, who is not a big Palin fan.

Here’s the list of Legislative Council members, from the Alaska Legislature’s website.

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