Todd Palin's deposition: A record of obsession

Word comes tonight that Todd Palin’s 25-page written deposition in the legislative Troopergate scandal was released to the press by his attorney. The Anchorage Daily News reports:

Todd Palin talked with over a dozen state officials, many of them repeatedly, in his crusade to get a state trooper fired who he considered to be a bad cop, a dishonest person and a threat to the Palin family, according to his sworn statement given Wednesday to a legislative investigator.

But you don’t have to take the ADN’s word for it: read the deposition for yourself.

Then read Andrew Halcro’s analysis of it, which points out a number of misstatements & inaccuracies in the “First Dude’s” account. Jason Leopold at The Public Record also has an analysis, including background details contradicting Todd Palin’s claim that Sarah Palin was uninterested in Trooper Wooten:

But Todd Palin’s claim in his affidavit that Gov. Palin was uninterested in what her former brother-in-law was up to stands in stark contrast to documents that have been publicly well before the probe commenced.

Since she became governor in December 2006, Palin was deeply enmeshed in the dispute with Wooten before she was sworn in as governor, according to a review of documents relating to the case.

Palin filed several formal complaints against her ex-brother-in-law over the course of three years alleging he engaged in illegal behavior while on duty. But her complaints relied heavily on second-hand information, some of which was later determined to be suspect and unverifiable.

Lodging 36 accusations against Wooten in 2005 alone, Palin and her family appeared to be waging a vendetta against the trooper who was assigned to the wildlife division. Palin personally seemed obsessed with ending his career.

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