Reset 2

The reset continues, with a little help from my PFD. This pic represents part of that: a new camera, a Nikon Coolpix S10, that arrived yesterday — still learning my way around it, obviously, but I’m pretty damn happy with the 10x zoom. And it’s got me posting pics to Flickr again, for the first time in several months. Good for me, because taking pics gets me out more walking & stuff. Tomorrow lunch I might just go out & see if I can find the moose that’s reported to have been hanging out near the Engineering building. And with 10x zoom, I can take a pretty good closeup pic without running the danger of being trampled to death. Always a good thing.

Day before yesterday: another PFD goodie — a Concept 2 Model D indoor rower, colloquially known as an “erg,” short for “ergometer” because it measures (Gk. metron) work (Gk. ergon). That’s what I hear most, anyway: ‘erg” — but it also can bear the nickname “ergo” — which make me think of the Latin phrase I learned when I was on the Speech Team back in high school: post hoc ergo propter hoc, a logical fallacy (often encountered in debate) meaning after this, therefore because of this (&, as the debate guys on our speech team used to add, usually irrelevant). But in this case, maybe not so irrelevant nor false, since its because of this hoc, that is because of the ergo, that I will have the post-effect of having burnt off plenty of the fat that I put back on after last year’s depression, & then some. So, if I’m gonna call me ergo a name, let me name it Hoc.

In any case, in these the early stages of training, this morning I rowed 1,910 meters in along about 12 minutes. Amazing how just that little bit of physical work increased my energy through the day. Which indeed I was feeling a couple weeks ago when I was dancing most mornings too. By Oct. 25th I think I’ll be far enough along that I can successfully take on & complete the Skeleton Crew challenge, which called for 31,000 meters from Oct. 25 to 31. And following Hallowe’en (or, as I shall celebrate Oct 31/Nov 1, Kekri)? The beginning, of course of NaNoWriMo, when I fully kickstart my writing again: a principal object of doing this reset. I reckon by that time I’ll have a regular erg workout pretty fully integrated into my daily life, which will help with the writing flow too.

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