Dirty feet

It’s been plenty warm for the past week, and I haven’t been wearing shoes at all. Instead: sandals. But since I’m also doing an awful lot of walking, it means my feet get pretty dirty. This is the result of today’s walk to & from Kaladi Brothers at Title Wave, my regular Sunday writing venue (& more news on writing progress in Field of Words), which on the way back included a little trip along a dirt trail by Westchester Lagoon. Rozz was with me. Thanks to taking a longer route to/from Kaladi Brothers than our normal direct route, we both walked over 10,000 steps without a lot of extra effort (more on that in Terveys, today’s Start Walking news).

The air was clear today after last evening’s smoky atmosphere — due, I learned from a glance at the front page of the Anchorage Daily News, to a fire at Pt. McKenzie. I haven’t read the story on it yet, to know what caused the fire or how big it was or if it’s completely out. But it’s a reminder that, yes, we are now in fire season, & yesterday’s is undoubtedly not the only smoky sky we’ll experience this summer.

Now I’m home, my feet are clean, I’ve done a bit of picture processing & blogging, & now it’s time to close up & go back to spend some time with Rozz.

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