Enough with the rut

Discussion on one of the lists I’m on has returned to an old issue, to the effect of:

I was losing weight, but now I’m at a plateau — how do I get out of the rut?

Lots of the time I’m not so sure that people are in a rut, especially when they’re clothes are fitting looser & they’re doing a lot of the kinds of exercise that will built up muscle. Muscle, of course, is heavier than fat, so if you’re staying at the same weight, but are nonetheless more compact & more muscular, then you’re losing fat, & replacing it with (heavier) muscle. You’re actually improving your body composition & increasing your metabolic rate.

But… then there’s me. I know I’ve been trimming a bit — witness my need to make a new notch in my belt because it’s not tight enough to keep my jeans from sliding down anymore. But still, I’ve been hovering around at this same weight for quite awhile, & the muscle hasn’t been increasing that much over the past few weeks.

Today I ran across a little MSNBC health article that clocked me upside the head to bring me back to what I should already know. How do you get out of the rut?

Short answer: vary your exercise routine.

Long answer: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12270299/ .


Basically, the idea is that your body gets used to a particular exercise after awhile, & ceases to be challenged by it. To continue to progress, you’ve got to continue to challenge your body.

I love the dancing, but it’s not enough. Next week I really do need to start riding my bike to & from work, as I’ve been promising to.

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