Fridge makeover

The major health step over the weekend was working with Rozz to swamp out & reorganize our fridge.

I could have taken before/after photos of the refrigerator, but it was frightening enough just to deal with it. Mystery foods & unintended science projects that had been shoved way to the back finally saw the light of day. Only briefly, though, because then they went into the toilet, or the garbage can, or the compost pile. We got rid of stuff that we don’t eat or want to eat, too. Like that aged caramel topping for ice cream that the ice cream eaters in the place didn’t seem to know existed. And we figured out what needs to go where in the fridge so that, for example, all the meat items are together, all the bread items in another location, etc. Everything in its place. Then we went food shopping to fill in the gaps.

It’s no longer like waking up into a horror film to open the fridge now. It’s a pleasure. I can find what I’m looking for. I know that everything in there is good for me. And so does Rozz & the boy. With things organized thusly, we can also fairly easily detect what we’ve run out of so we can know what to pick up on the next trip to the grocery store. And we no longer have leftovers turning into science experiments in the back.

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