Dinner then & now

You can’t really see the bison, but it sure tasted good — a bison roast that my partner cooked last night. The bread is organic no-flour sprouted grain Ezekiel bread, & there’s lots of good veggies here too: a collard leaf, onion, & tomato in the sandwich, with radishes & celery to the side. The white stuff in the back is raw milk cheddar. A good, low glycemic index meal, also in line with what I should be eating for a meal nowadays for my metabolic status of “insulin resistant with healthy adrenal glands,” per The Schwarzbein Principle II: the Transition. (Other than that Schwarzbein nixes any man-made products like bread.)

By way of comparison, here’s what I ate for dinner the night before my mother’s death of diabetes-related complications two months & a half ago.

Health results so far: edema in feet & on back of my neck has gone way way down. I no longer suffer from heartburn/acid stomach or middle-of-the-night acid reflux. I feel better. I’ve lost weight, about 9 pounds. (I anticipate losing at a slower weight now that I’ve modified my program per Schwarzbein’s recommendations, but that’s okay: health first, weight afterwards.) My fasting & postprandial blood glucose isn’t yet where I want it to be, but it’s improving slowly, & I’m very confident that I will be able to restore myself to insulin sensitivity & metabolic & overall health.

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