Septic tank

“Septic tank” is, according to an Australian friend of mine, Aussie rhyming slang for “Yank.”

E.g., Fuck off, septic tank, the near-to-last words to me of another Australian friend — or rather, I guess, ex-friend, as she made it clear in her message last week that she, a “decent person,” wants nothing further to do with me. The rest of her message was rife with unfounded accusations based on her radical & paranoid misinterpretion of private emails of yet another Australian friend that this “decent person” took it upon herself to read without permission.

Well, at least a septic tank breaks down the waste, recycles & purifies & returns it to the cycles of life.

Which is just about all I can do with the load of crap this “decent person” unloaded on me.

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