The Daily Tweets, 2010-01-11: Crazy like a Faux News correspondent

  • Game Change: McCain liked Palin’s “willingness to piss all over her party.” No kidding, John, she does do that! #fb #
  • RT: @celticdiva: Interesting–C4P website is down–did Steve Schmidt on 60 Minutes make the Palinista’s hive-mind explode? #p2 #
  • Waiting for the bus this morning, C Street was like a wind tunnel. Beginning to lose ice in front of my building through sublimation. #fb #
  • @jansonjones That’s great! (Uh… does this mean you’ll be able to upload remaining True Diversity vids? not to be a nag…) Love new photos in reply to jansonjones #
  • @jansonjones Oh good! & believe me, I completely understood the need for a tech break & everything-unrelated-to-taking-a-break break. in reply to jansonjones #
  • RT: @celticdiva: (original @CroweJam:) Palin joining Fox. Says she is quitting her family to spend more time w/ her money. // *rim shot* #fb #
  • Dear students: If you seek assistance from staff, please don’t mumble. #fb #
  • This student sounds like he has mashed potatoes in his mouth. Spit ’em out (into a garbage can) before talking to me please! #fb #
  • RT: @shannynmoore: I guess the 60 Minutes report showing Palin as a Liar gave her Fox credentials. // Crazy Woman like a Fox. #
  • Machete killer & carjacker Christoper Erin Rogers gets a 2nd long sentence: Good. #
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