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Saying "I Love You" (poem)

Saying “I Love You” Saturday I show him the video of the trip you and I took after we first met.  It was almost four years ago. The tape starts with a pond along the highway to Valdez.  There are … Continue reading

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Prevo's devil masks

Jerry Prevo’s 1985 “devil costume debacle” illustrates that it’s not only against homosexuals that Prevo is willing to throw up red herrings, deceptions, and outright lies.

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Rial Eugene Green, 1919–2009

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Prop 8 again

A few months ago, a slim majority of California passed Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California after five or six months of it being legal.  Since then, we’ve been waiting for the California Supreme Court to decide upon … Continue reading

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Found & lost

I don’t know if I will ever again live with or love somebody, other than the somebodys that have always been my cats.  And you know, even though any person you love & live with has their weirdnesses, as I … Continue reading

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On Facebook, my friend David has been thinking about blinks.  He posted a brief little meditation about it a few days ago, & this morning a wonderful short poem called “Blinking” that I wish I could post here but I … Continue reading

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Prevo's red herrings

There’s no doubt that the Anchorage Baptist Temple’s Jerry Prevo has followed Jesus’ instruction to the fishermen Simon Peter and Andrew to become a fisher of men. But evidence suggests he also excels as a fisher of red herrings, especially when it comes to his opposition to equal rights for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transfolk.

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Religion v. belief

Friday before last, on my way down for coffee, I spotted a book on the new books shelf of the UAA/APU Consortium Library whose title caught my interest: The Religious Case Against Belief.  Its author, James P. Carse, is a … Continue reading

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Working on the website

Taking some time out from blogging about the Anchorage equal rights ordinance, or about anything else for that matter, to work some on the website.  Used to be I had a website under the .nu domain, as well as some … Continue reading

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Sermon (a poem)

“I take as my text the Book of Job — / for are we not like him, innocent, / suffering, crying out for justice? / are we not like him, each of us / surrounded by these righteous, / these pious friends who so love us, / who console us with false accusations, who comfort us with lies?”

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