Economics of healthy eating

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. It does seem to be more expensive to eat healthily — & then I think about the kinds of stuff on store shelves, & it becomes clear: refined & lower quality food is simply cheaper to produce. Never mind the consequences down the line: higher levels of disease, higher health costs, etc. I start wondering if maybe the highest cost for cheap & poor quality foods is just in packaging them prettily & spinning them through advertising so that people will buy them.

But at least we still have the choice to evade paying high health care costs for ourselves personally, by eating well now.

But what a minefield we have to go through to do that. Chemical inputs into the soil like pesticides & fertilizers, factory farms & antibiotics, refining & packaging, hydrogenation, pasteurization, homogenization, genetic modification (& the lack of labeling on that latter item) — how can one even find a healthy bite to eat, in the face of all that? Much less take it up to the cash register to pay for it….

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