It’s Friday, & I have cats

Kuu & Laulu, 3 Mar 2012

For several years, I’ve off & on (“on” usually in the couple of months before a presidential election) followed the progressive political blogger Kevin Drum, currently at Mother Jones.  He has a tradition called “Friday cat blogging.”

Great idea.  It’s Friday, & I have cats too.

Pictured above: my two sister kittens Kuu (left) and Laulu (right). Their names come from the Finnish song “Mitä Minä” (which I learned off the Hedningarna album Karelia Visa) which goes like this: “Mitä minä laula / kun kuuta laula” — “What do I sing when I sing to the moon.” (I used to sing it to my cat Väi as “Mitä minä miaow-miaow / kun kuuta miaow-miaow”.) You can hear the song here.

Kuu = moon. That’s the tuxedo cat sister. Laulu = song. That’s the tabby. They came to live with me on March 1. The photo was taken two days later.  I used it as my first “cover” photo on Facebook for several months.

Here there are more recently, on September 30.  They’re a little bigger now, but just as cute.

Kuu & Laulu, 30 Sep 2012

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