The Daily Tweets 2011-06-19: Flying home

I checked out, had breakfast with some never-before-met-face-to-face online friends at the Hilton, caught my shuttle to the Minneapolis airport, and hung out reading at my gate until John Aronno of Alaska Commons turned up & we shared experiences until it came time to board. We briefly saw each other — along with another Netroots Alaskan who, I’m sorry, I’m so tired I already forgot your name — at SeaTac, but had different flights out of there. So mostly I had a meal, drank merlot, read (finished Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin), messed around on Twitter, & got through my four-hour layover. And then my three-hour flight home….

Good to be back.

At SeaTac

  • @alaskacommons now at Alaska Lodge at intersection of security & route to D&N gates – with chowder & salad & a big damn glass of wine in reply to alaskacommons#
  • @alaskacommons and wifi connection here sucks so I may not get anything you answer in reply to alaskacommons#
  • RT @cynisright: @yksin it was lovely to meet you. Will keep in touch. 🙂 // Right back at you! currently sipping wine at SeaTac #
  • @ZackFord Sympathizing w/ yr airplane woes. Merlot during 4 hr layover in a SeaTac bar seems more pleasant. Strike that: it IS more pleasant in reply to ZackFord#
  • I nominate this as tweet of the day RT @AMERICAblogGay Dan Choi in the Larry Craig memorial bathroom at MSP airport. reply to AMERICAblogGay#
  • RT @ZackFord: @yksin haha, jealous. Safe travels back to Alaska! // safe flight to you too! #
  • OMG. I agree w/ Todd Palin on something! Location 5830 of 6464 of Kindle version of “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin.” Prize to right answer #
  • Sitting on floor indecently close to SeaTac restroom to recharge iPod. #
  • RT @philcrone: @joshtpm maltese // I’m impressed. #
  • @Mudflats Guy on shuttle from Hilton sd “great sticker”: Seattle PI writer @ #nn11 who has written often abt Pebble Mine. #
  • RT @ZackFord: Oy, finally landed back in DC after quite a delay. Still what a great week at #nn11 #nn11lgbt! / & here I still sit @ SeaTac #
  • @cynisright damn. Luggage. And still an hr to wait fory 3 hr flight to Anchorage. @uaajc better be really nice to me tomorrow. in reply to cynisright#
  • @gregpalmer tatum o’nealnis Ryan O’Neal’s _daughter_. Starred w/ him as kid in “Paper Moon.” wienergate relevance? Beats me in reply to gregpalmer#
  • @gregpalmer Ryan O’Neal famous actor of 1970s-1980s. Biggest movie “Love Story.” (sucked) Was Farrah Fawcett’s husband. in reply to gregpalmer#
  • @cynisright Alaska Airlines. This is just price I’m paying for piggybacking earlier Portland sidetrip on #nn11 & still getting cheap fare. in reply to cynisright#
  • @cynisright nope. Working tomorrow. Possibly made-up for by getting to see midseason finale of Doctor Who on DVR tomorrow night. in reply to cynisright#
  • Bow ties are cool. — The Eleventh Doctor. #
  • I forgot about these funny loud glug glug water fountains at SeaTac. Damn, they’re loud. #
  • At my gate. Boarding in 10 mins. 2 guys sitting over there either gay or military. Or both. Shhh. No worries guys. I won’t ask. I won’t tell #
  • It’s only a paper moon / floating over a cardboard sea / but it wouldn’t be make believe / if you believed in me #
  • @cynisright thx in reply to cynisright#
  • Bye Twitter. See you on the other side. #AlaskaFlight107#


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