The Daily Tweets 2011-06-03: The Netroots Nation 11 mobile phone app is just as cool as bow ties

Netroots Nation 11 for iPhone/iPod Touch

Yesterday morning in the wee hours, I discovered the Netroots Nation 11 app in the iTunes store. I downloaded it. I added my contact info and discovered that I was the fourth person to have done so — all the others being Netroots Nation people. Either they haven’t advertised the app’s existence yet, or there’s not going to be a very big turnout this year. I suspect the former. By bedtime last night, only seven people had put their info into the app.

But it’s a really cool app all the same! Made it lots easier for me to get the sessions I want to go to all sorted out.  I’m prepping a post about prepping for NN11, coming up soon.

  • Just downloaded the #NN11 app to iPod. This’ll make it much easier to keep track @ Netroots. #fb #
  • When is #nn11 website going to announce mobile app? I downloaded it from iTunes store but so far looks like I’m only 1 of 5 attending! #fb #
  • Looking forward to Netroots Nation & the LGBT Netroots Connect preconference! (Um… do we have hotel rooms yet?) #nn11lgbt #fb #
  • Computer maintenance is so dull. But such is the price one pays to prep for #nn11 & #nn11lgbt (gods I hate the way Echofon looks now!) #fb #
  • & why, you may ask, am I prepping for #nn11 so early? b/c I’m flying outta here on the 10th, stopping by Portland along the way. #fb #
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