The Daily Tweets 2011-01-08: Saturday twice over

These tweets recount (in part) my epic journey home from Australia, wherein due to the time travel characteristics of flying westbound across the International Date Line I got to experience Saturday the 8th of January twice, & arrived at LAX only 10 minutes after departing Brisbane.

It felt like I experienced Saturday twice, too. Brisbane to Sydney… layover in Sydney… 15-hour flight to Los Angeles & 10-hour layover there… then Salt Lake City (when does a Delta flight in the U.S. not force you to go to SLC?)… and finally to Anchorage (though I didn’t arrive in Anchorage until the morning of the 9th).

  • Next ~40 hrs: On my way home. #oztrip #fb #
  • At Sydney Intl Airport standing in endless line to check in for LAX flight. No worries, I'm flying Delta not Oceanic. #oztrip #fb #
  • At LAX for long layover. After a month of using colorful Aussie currency, U.S. currency looks really bland. #oztrip #fb #
  • I have to say that Delta serves reasonably tasty meals on international flights. #oztrip #fb #
  • A good thing abt long layover @ LAX: another great meal (& margarita) @ El Cholo. #fb #
  • Ah, home… once more in the land where Palin rabblerousing encourages political violence. Prayers for victims of AZ killer. #fb #
  • About to board flight to SLC. Then a 2+ hr layover. Then flight to Anch. Then: the boy, his g/f, my cat, snow… home. Soon. #oztrip #fb #
  • Salt Lake City: free wifi & my first snow in > a month. Toes got shivers in the skyway. I may need to put on socks. #fb #
  • I feel as if I've been in airplanes & airports all day & then some. That's because I have. I long for horizontal sleep. #fb #
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