The Daily Tweets, 2010-04-02: Sometimes it’s good to be out of the loop. But sometimes one must willingly suffer.

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates:”The Tea Party’s Rank Amateurism” – on TP’s lack of discipline, which is why we think they’re nutters #
  • I’m happy to say that I don’t know what Lady Gaga looks like, or what her voice sounds like. Sometimes it’s good to be out of the loop. #fb #
  • In 1 go, Pope’s priest minimizes Holocaust, suffering of victims of priest abusers, & makes Pope a martyr. Sick. #fb #
  • “Catholic Sex Abuse Blame Game: The Devil Made Me Do It!” — So much for the Church’s claim to moral authority. #
  • RT: @redrummy: it seems that the Catholic Church has turned the moral dial to “pure evil”. // Renaming itself: the Cover Your Ass church. #
  • Halcro on Eddie Burke: April Fool #
  • Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan on KBYR. What a crappy way to end the workweek. But sometimes one must willingly suffer. #
  • Palin’s REAL reason for quitting revealed! — so she wouldn’t get this letter. #
  • RT: @beardedjon: @yksin I’m pretty sure she initiated the letter (or is involved with those that did). // You’re probably right. #
  • I’m told Mayor Sullivan called in sick, & so won’t be on KBYR. Maybe he caught a case of the cold feet. Heh. #
  • RT: @SistersTalk: Just finished recording interview w/ @PamelaMeans. Love her hair! // Saw her in concert in AK a few yrs ago. She’s great! #
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