The Daily Tweets, 2010-02-05: Caprica w/ sauerkraut

And of course “Caprica” is also scored by Bear McCreary, same guy who composed four seasons of great music for “Battlestar Galactica.” All the more reason for loving this new series. A much better way to end the day than what I had to begin it. (Palin, ewwww!)

  • Moving AK capitol from Juneau is a really bad idea. Andrew Halcro explains why: #
  • MSNBC on Palin emails: why did unelected, unappointed Todd Palin exercise any political power at all? AK govt #fail #fb #
  • How most Alaskans feel about Palin: sick & tired of her. Can’t wait for the rest of the country to catch on. #fb #
  • @SergeGraystone It’s a good thing for Zoe that the Graystones don’t know about Twitter. in reply to SergeGraystone #
  • RT: @JanFlora49: is wondering why @SenJohnnyEllis only has 115 followers. // Thx for saying — he’s my state senator! Following him now. #
  • @cadaverousapple: Or WRITING them. 😉 My problem too. #
  • Working on a big damn post on good govt v. bad govt re: corps in both my invented SF world & the world we really live in. Later tonight. #fb #
  • RT: @cadaverousapple: @yksin Hey, have you heard of this? Or, better yet, are you submitting? // Yep, gonna submit. #
  • About to watch Ep 3 of #Caprica accompanied by og turkeyburgers & my 1st helping of my homemade og sauerkraut. Oh yeah, & cabernet. #fb #
  • RT @redrummy: Sauerkraut… & Cabernet? *headtilt* *blink* *blink* // _homemade_ sauerkraut, niot that nasty storebought stuff. Good w wine #
  • Caprica is blowing me away w: every ep as much as BG did. Good on ya Moore & Eick & Espenson & everybody. #fb #
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