Crossed Genres anthology released — complete w/ my story "Cold"

Broomstick Aviation by Nicc Balce (cover for Crossed Genres Year 1 anthology)

Cover art: Broomstick Aviation by Nicc Balce

My story “Cold” is appearing again, this time in the Crossed Genres Year One anthology, just released today.

Crossed Genres is a magazine of “science fiction & fantasy with a twist” — each issue publishes stories which combine SF/F with another genre or theme.  Thus, my story was in the issue devoted entirely to science fiction/fantasy stories with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and/or queer characters.  And you should check that issue out (it’ll be online through the end of October) because there’s not only my story “Cold” but a whole bunch of other really good LGBTQ stories & articles too.  Even an interview with Kate Bornstein!

CGY1 collects 12 stories selected from each of the first 12 issues of Crossed Genres:

  1. “The Time of Tales” by C.L. Rossman (science fiction & fantasy)
  2. “Back To the Beginning” by Marilou Goodwin (dystopian)
  3. “A Crazy Kind of Love” by Jeremy Zimmerman (romance)
  4. “The Near-Sighted Sentinel” by Adam King (crime)
  5. “Condiment Wars” by Jill Afzelius (humor)
  6. “Red Dust” by Amanda Lord (Western)
  7. “Deacon Carter’s Last Dime” by Nathan Crowder (urban)
  8. “The Strangler Fig” by Jennifer D. Munro (anthropomorphism)
  9. “The Bat And the Blitz” by Erika Tracy (alternate history)
  10. “The Good Old-Fashioned Kind of Water” by Camille Alexa (child fiction)
  11. “The Drain” by M. Palmer (horror)
  12. “Cold” by Melissa S. Green (LGBTQ)

As an author, I was lucky — I’ve already got my copies.  But get your own too! Crossed Genres Year One is available in print from Amazon or Createspace for $9.99. Or, you can buy it as a PDF download directly from Crossed Genres.

Meanwhile, my story “Cold” is the first chapter of a novel-in-progress of the same title.  It’ll be online at Crossed Genres through end of October; & if you like it, you can read another story that takes place shortly after “Cold” right here at Henkimaa.  It’s called “Shark.”

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