The Daily Tweets, 2009-09-03

  • Anchorage Recycling Center will start recycling plastic bags & film again (per email from MOA Solid Waste Services). Yay! Not glass though. #
  • Finally timed my trip to the SSB Starbucks right: _not_ between classes. Must set daily reminder on iPod to go down at 9:30. #
  • Anchorage Press: Battle for the bench – Why do conservatives want to change the way Alaska picks its judges? #
  • @redrummy Me too, I use much more glass than I do plastic bags. (I use reusable shopping bags.) in reply to redrummy #
  • @giacomplex Not today: There was only one person in line when I got there b/c I went when classes were in session. in reply to giacomplex #
  • Make Sarah go away. Make Levi go away. Make the whole damn lot of them go away. Please. #
  • No, Debbie, Title VII does NOT prohibit sexual orientation discrimination in employment. Hello? #anclgbt [] #
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