The Daily Tweets, 2009-09-02

  • Queer eye for the sci-fi & fantasy: #OuterAlliance Pride Day ( incl a novel excerpt by me – #lgbt #
  • I must remember to check the time so I don't go down to the Starbucks in SSB between classes. Line! I settled for vending machine coffee. #
  • RT: @katsylver: Here's to the start of Mayor Sullivan's (No Gays Allowed) Diversity Month! Yay, for being a complete hypocrite! #anclgbt #
  • I could almost swear that "New Legs" on the "Dexter" soundtrack makes use of a kantele….. #
  • @CapricaSeven Sounds like how Amazon routed my copy of "BG: Razor": CA to Alaska by way of… Hazelwood, Missouri? #
  • Gmail on the fritz…. #
  • RT: @outeralliance: GMail making you sad? Here's a lovely list of #outeralliance Pride Day posts to read while you wait. #
  • RT: @jayne_cobb: lookit all them people, not gittin' them gmail waves and hollerin'. There's a time when no news is good news, wei? #
  • RT: @jayne_cobb: @mr_universe done fix't it, folk. // Thanks Mr. Universe for fixing Gmail! Hope Google's paying you well! #
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