The Daily Tweets, 2009-08-10

  • Daniel Radcliffe donates to LGBT youth anti-suicide helpline. #
  • Froomkin! RT: @whitehousewatch: My first (Huffington) post is live! Our Fuzzy President About To Come Into Focus, #
  • Mudflats reports on Alaska “#deathers shouting down sick people at Anchorage presser on health care reform. #
  • RT: @Mudflats: Craig Campbell approved as Lt. Governor of AK #
  • Righty-tighty mobocracy: AK rightwingers led by Eddie "Sarah Palin's Lapdog" Burke disrupt health care presser #
  • Per AK Muckracker Facebook: AK Legislature by bipartisan vote 45-14 accepts stimulus $ for energy efficiency. Palin veto overridden. Yay! #
  • RT: @ancwontdiscrim8: Contact Anchorage Assembly and Mayor TODAY – ask them 2 support inclusive non-discrimination ordinance. Please RT. #
  • 2nd time I've seen report of teabaggers too stupid to know their Medicare is a govt program #healthcare #
  • Daily Show brilliant tonight on #deathpanels. #

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