The Daily Tweets, 2009-08-06

  • @shadowmaat Twitter was the target of a denial of service attack for several hours. in reply to shadowmaat #
  • Fairbanks mom gets 20 days in jail for using her 7-year-old as her designated driver. (But – she didn’t drive drunk!) #
  • Finally got Windows to recognize Acrobat InDesign CS4 as default program for opening files w/ .indd or .indt extensions. D’oh! #
  • Sotomayor confirmed. Cheers! #
  • A truly Palinesque get-rich-quick scheme: Albertan wants $1.1M for Palin-signed Xbox on eBay. #
  • I like Queerty’s headline: “Senate Confirms Sonia Sotomayor as Supreme Court’s First Wise Latina” #
  • For only $1,100: replica of $1.1 million Palin-autographed Xbox 360 on eBay: “Guaranteed Not To Quit For Two Years” #
  • Bluehost is upgrading the server my website’s on… which right is making it unavailable. Oh well. Update blog tomorrow. If it’s up. #

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