Governor's office admits errors on Palin spreadsheet

I had some discussion with Sean Cockerham of the Anchorage Daily News about problems with the Office of the Governor’s spreadsheet. Now he’s posted a story in which Linda Perez has admitted that the spreadsheet has some faulty figures:

The administrative director in the governor’s office, Linda Perez, conceded that some costs were counted twice and said “the total cost is overstated by $26,849.” She said she missed that the Department of Law’s updated numbers included costs that were already counted.

“It was my error…mea culpa,” said Perez, who has worked for governors of both parties since the 1980s. [Ref #1]

There are bunch of other problems that are also noted in Sean’s report, which Perez is going to look into. But read the full story — which I’m happy to report also acknowledges the work I’ve been doing on this. (Along with that of Mako Yamakura, a blogger with the Detroit News, who I’m unfamiliar with.)

Okay, Mel: bed!

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  1. 7/10/09. “It doesn’t all add up to $1.9 million” by Sean Cockerham (Anchorage Daily News, Alaska Politics blog)
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