The Daily Tweets, 2009-07-01

  • Happy New Fiscal Year! #
  • Note to world: The Alaska Justice Forum is not a law journal. The Justice Center is neither a law school, nor a law firm. #
  • Note to cellular directory assistance: The Justice Center is also not the Alaska Court System clerk of court. #
  • Note to William Kristol: it’s not just the “elite media” who have contempt for the Wasilla native (Palin). Duh. #
  • Happy Canada Day! My ggfather was invented in Canada. And let’s not forget the Canadian “eh”, eh? @NathanFillion #
  • @trishthiel Anch. mayor-elect Dan Sullivan did all his K-12 schooling in Anchorage. Son of former mayor George Sullivan. Catholic I think. in reply to trishthiel #
  • I don’t mind snark when criticizing (or lambasting) questionable political figures like Palin — but let it be _accurate_ snark. #
  • Just set up so I make full Assembly hearing Tuesday. To hear the redshirt repetitive spew. Bleh. Think I’ll wear a showercap. #anclgbt #
  • A police chief after Eddie Burke’s own heart: Ft. Worth cops use “gay panic” justification for putting man in ICU #

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