The Daily Tweets, 2009-06-25

  • Haven’t even had time to think about Claman’s proposed antisdiscrim charter amendments yet #anclgbt #
  • What in heck does “You’re amdist many trees” mean?… uh okay, a typo on “amidst.” Good grief, learn to spell. FB quizzes [rolling eyes] #
  • RT: @lastrealpoet: Share some poetry someone? — Did you see the one I posted yesterday? “No Questions, Questions” — #
  • @tonei Good job! in reply to tonei #
  • One of our profs has been in Argentina for a few days. We were all just wondering if she ran into Sanford. #
  • Blast from the past: Sarah Palin & intermittent Gunderson syndrome. #
  • Another post from the past: Sarah Palin & the rape kit controversy (had to readd YouTube code). #
  • @pepitap He’s died now. Obit at USA Today: in reply to pepitap #
  • @pepitap I told my supervisor: she just said “weird!” Well, guy did have a strange life. RIP all the same. He gave me some good dancing. in reply to pepitap #
  • Explaining Farrah Fawcett & Ryan O’Neal to my 20-something coworker, too young to remember Charlie’s Angels & Love Story. RIP Farrah. #
  • @pepitap No kidding ancient. And MJ – I was in mid-20s sweating in queer bars to the songs of “Thriller” when she was just a biddy kid. in reply to pepitap #
  • Michael Jackson & “Thriller” reminded me of Vincent Price, that song’s great horror voice. He died in ’93. #
  • Steven Colbert, I love you: tonight’s “The Word” & earlier commentary about the creeps who did the homosexual exorcism. Embed tomorrow. #
  • Now Colbert Report is interviewing a guy about Stonewall. Colbert, you rock! This is our history. Pride! #
  • No, I don’t think I need to follow a tweeter whose following 12,000 people. Another marketing site. Booooring. #
  • Also no need to follow someone following 210 people with 8 followers, no tweets, & bio “If U want 2 know anything about me just ask me.” No. #
  • @Chris411 good to hear, out of the woods low mood-wise? #

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