The Daily Tweets, 2009-06-18

  • Last night’s sleep took the edge off my exhaustion, but better get extra sleep tonight too methinks. #
  • @audiocloud Oh lovely audiocloud I speak on behalf of the internet to welcome you back into the internet’s warm embrace. in reply to audiocloud #
  • Photos from yesterday’s action in & outside Anchorage Assembly. Lotsa Pride! #
  • @jansonjones Thanks Janson, I was just taking a look at yours! Will blog later to add some links to your site from mine. in reply to jansonjones #
  • More excellent photos of last night’s outside-the-Assembly stuff at Floridana Alaskaiana #
  • Twitter’s fb app is malfing, trying Selective Twitter instead. Here’s my first go at it. #fb #
  • @jansonjones Tonight’s my NaNoWriMo gig. (National Novel Writing Month local folks). Politics verboten there. Some conservative Xians. in reply to jansonjones #
  • Okay Twitter seems not to be updating Facebook at all right now. Get it together FB! #fb #
  • Shout out to mudpuppies who started following me the other night. I’m following (most of) you now too! #
  • @trishthiel I need all the friends I can get! in reply to trishthiel #
  • @jansonjones The couple of conservative Xians know & like me – & know I’m a lesbo 🙂 – so I’m still doing the work of changing hearts. in reply to jansonjones #
  • @shadowmaat Did Dr. Horrible possibly create a Random Dog Shit Spray Ray Gun? in reply to shadowmaat #
  • @jansonjones One in Ten & Identity Reports both showed correlation w/ knowing LGBT people & being anti-discrimination. in reply to jansonjones #
  • @celticdiva Reminds me of Diebold w/ their arguments about propriety info on electronic voting machines. So much for transparent govt. in reply to celticdiva #
  • A friend w/ pic in my last night’s Assembly set: “You are a camera ninja…I didn’t even notice you taking those pictures.” mwaahaa #ffb #
  • RT: @apakula: TwitterHIT is evil. Avoid it. It tweets adverts as though they are from you!! (Thx for warning!) #
  • @doccarooni Your first 2 books arrived. #
  • Interesting convo at bus stop w/ amateur geologist heading to McGrath to study lightning strikes in ore bodies. #
  • Also at bus stop: heard/saw Blue Angels practicing. Airshow coming up at Elmendorf AFB. Every year this time: another sign of Pride week! #

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