The Daily Tweets, 2009-06-16 (Assembly public hearing #2)

Identity Reports (1989) and One in 10 (1986)

Identity Reports (1989) and One in 10 (1986) -- click the photo to get to the documents

This automatically-generated compilation of tweets from my Twitter feed all are in regards to the June 16 Anchorage Assembly meeting — public testimony on the Anchorage equal rights ordinance. Later, when I have time, I’ll intergrate them with my liveblog from the prior post (& this will probably disappear as a separate post).

Update: Actually, given that more people are visiting this page (thank you, WordPress stats!), instead of going to the liveblog page, I should keep this post but give you a link to the page you now should be reading!

So see the liveblog here. It’s worth the clickthrough.

[Tweets removed from here & integrated to liveblog.]

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