My four-chambered echo chamber

Just had my echocardiogram over at Heart Center at Providence Hospital. This is one of the three imaging tests the ER doctor from my pepperoni pizza night ordered up to figure out whether I had a TIA or not — in this case an ultrasound of my heart. The technician, his name was Michael, was really good, & so was the guy (damn did I forget his name?) who set me up with the saline IV for the last part of the test.

And it was also pretty cool, & scary in a weird kinda way, to see those images of my heart pumping away on that black & white screen. Whoa, you’ve really been doing this job for 49 years plus? And so well, too. Don’t stop, please!

Michael is the tech (I guess they call them cardiac sonographers), not the cardiologist, but he said that everything looked pretty good & normal. Nothing in what he saw to indicate that a TIA, if there indeed was one, came about because of any heart stuff.

Good job, heart.

Still a carotid doppler ultrasound & MRI to go, tomorrow.

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