BFFM Week 7 goals

Now that I’ve worked out the meal tracking stuff, I can finish setting my goals for this week.

Progress so far

  • Since Feb. 18, I’ve lost about 12 lbs. (according to my less than completely accurate “caveat” scale).
  • Since Mar. 17 I’ve lost 3 inches around my waist, 1 to 1.5 around my hips, & about half an inch around my neck. Belt is now two notches tighter without discomfort.

Goals for (the remainder of) Week 7

(I’m sometimes using abbreviations for days of the week. R is Thursday, b/c T is already taken up by Tuesday; Sa is Saturday & Su is Sunday.)


  • Turbulence Training: Three full TT workouts (combined strength/circuit training with HIIT cardio on rower) (TRSa).
  • Core (optional): TT core workouts on alternate days (WFSu).
  • Cardio: A minimum of 10,000 walking steps of their equivalent each day (per my workplace’s Start Walking program). On most days, this will include 5000m rowed, including at least one 10,000m row (training for late April half-marathon challenge).
  • Flexibility: Stretch after warmup on all rowing days.


  • Eat on modified eating program of 30% carbs, 40% protein, 30% health fats for a total of about 1550 calories per day, as outlined in a previous post.


  • Continue recording meals using meal tracking Excel spreadsheet.
  • “Official” weigh-in & measurements Sunday morning. (My nephew informs me that the new scale arrived at my doorstep today, yay. It includes a body fat measurement (not as good as the calipers, but it’ll do until I can get good enough skinfolds to be able to use the calipers accurately.)
  • Take another set of “progress” pics.
  • Based on all of the above, establish goals for Week 8.

Motivation & accountability

  • Continue tracking progress at Concept 2 online log, workplace “health activities” tracker, & Start Walking tracker, etc.
  • Continue making use of online forums & discussion lists.
  • Keep up the blog.
  • Keep up with accountability partner!


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