The Daily Tweets, 2010-03-04: Sullygate

Mayor Dan Sullivan; Assembly Mike Gutierrez in background

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Here’s Dan Sullivan, described today at Mudflats as “Mayor/Trustee Hybrid” of Anchorage. I’m pretty ticked about what I called “insurance-gate” in my tweets… but now I’m gonna call it Sullygate. For he hath sullied our fine democracy. (Again.) I’m writing a full post about this due out late tonight.

  • Congrats to @crossedgenres & @SciInMyFi: the really cool “Science in My Fiction” blog got a short writeup on io9! #
  • The latest example of how representative democracy has fallen apart: Anchorage mayors & “insurance-gate”. #
  • Commentary on Anchorage mayor “insurance-gate” by Progressive Alaska’s Phil Munger: Sully’s another banal grifter. #
  • The Mudflats on Mayor/Trustee Hybrid Dan Sullivan & Anchorage “insurance-gate”. Great analysis, Jeanne! #
  • A earlier article on Anchorage mayoral insurance-gate. #
  • Yesterday in ADN: Did commission have legal authority to grant benefits to an elected official once out of office? #
  • Briefer article today at ADN about insurance-gate. If there’s a contractual arrangement, show us the contract! #
  • Anchorage Press article on Anchorage’s insurance-gate. #
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