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True Diversity v. fake unity

Another aspect of the Mayor’s “Unity” Dinner: it’s being held at the only hotel in town, the Hilton, that is in the midst of an employee-encouraged boycott because of the employer’s refusal to bargain in good faith. Also, we could use a little assistance with costs of our dinner! Continue reading

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Diversity, unity, family

Mayor Dan Sullivan claims, with his Mayor’s Unity Dinner, to be honoring values we all share, including the importance of family. But his veto last month of the Anchorage equal rights ordinance makes it clear that he only deems some families important — and mine’s not one of them.

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Should white heterosexuals be permitted at a diversity event?

Does being a lesbian make me “diverse”? Does being white and heterosexual make my white heterosexual friends and relatives “not diverse”? Duh. But apparently some people believe you should have diversity credentials to attend a diversity dinner. With a tribute to our allies in the summer 2009 fight for the Anchorage equal rights ordinance.

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True Diversity Dinner: September 25, 2009

Shortly after vetoing equal protection for LGBTQ people in Anchorage, Mayor Sullivan changed the name of the Mayor’s Diversity Dinner to the Mayor’s Unity Dinner. But we still value diversity. So we’re having our own Diversity Dinner. Join us.

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