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Despite distance

Chris & Rozz & Jesse & Mel (with Jesse’s dog Sweetheart) on a Kenai Peninsula hike in 2006 — & now, all over the place. But still good friends. Continue reading

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Tributaries (poem)

I was offline most of — well, now I’ll say yesterday, Saturday, it now being early in the AM of Sunday the 14th.  Saturday was the kick-off of this year’s PrideFest in Anchorage — the annual women’s show called Celebration … Continue reading

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Saying "I Love You" (poem)

Saying “I Love You” Saturday I show him the video of the trip you and I took after we first met.  It was almost four years ago. The tape starts with a pond along the highway to Valdez.  There are … Continue reading

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On Facebook, my friend David has been thinking about blinks.  He posted a brief little meditation about it a few days ago, & this morning a wonderful short poem called “Blinking” that I wish I could post here but I … Continue reading

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Divorce, financially interdependent partner style

Today is the final day of the University of Alaska system’s annual Open Enrollment period, when we have the opportunity to make changes to the various options in our benefits package. And so it came to formalize what Rozz, now … Continue reading

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Same-sex marriage: A personal history

Good news from Maine Wednesday: its legislature passed, & its governor signed, a law making it legal for same-sex couples to marry.  This makes Maine the 5th state in the U.S., after Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, & Iowa, to grant the … Continue reading

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It was as I’d hoped yesterday: the grey was dissolving. Though it took a night’s sleep to really turn the trick. Not quite enough sleep — I’m still pretty tired — but at least I feel more than dead inside … Continue reading

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Tramping in the woods

Lichen forest at the foot of a birch tree Just in case my earlier bike jaunt wasn’t enough exercise for the day, we packed me, Rozz, Jesse, Jesse’s dog Sweetheart, & Jesse’s bike (unnamed) into the car & drove out … Continue reading

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Someone else's great cooking

Curried ground turkey stroganoff Rozz put this together for dinner tonight — mmmmmm good. This is organic ground turkey with kale, a bunch of spices including curry, on soba noodles made with buckwheat & yam. With tomatoes & cucumbers to … Continue reading

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Fridge makeover

The major health step over the weekend was working with Rozz to swamp out & reorganize our fridge. I could have taken before/after photos of the refrigerator, but it was frightening enough just to deal with it. Mystery foods & … Continue reading

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