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Adequate protein — & a protein-sparing crash diet

Two additional things I’ve learned from Lyle McDonald & his Body Recomposition website so far, that are having a pretty immediate effect on my nutritional planning: First, he’s convinced me that “dieting by percentages” — that is, figuring out my … Continue reading

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Why You May Need To Eat More Protein by Dr. John M Berardi, CSCS

I just figured out a couple of days ago that I’m eating far too little protein for my current state & goals, & am adjusting my eating accordingly. And then happened across this article that explains just why protein is … Continue reading

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TDEE, meal tracking, & macronutrient levels

Well, here’s a couple of good reasons for meal tracking. After overhauling my diet two years ago, I got into a new set of habits for eating that are healthy overall. But meal tracking over the past week or so … Continue reading

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Insulin response: It ain't just the carbs

Someone on my insulin resistance forum asked about insulin response to saturated fats. But it ain’t just the carbs, ain’t just the saturated fat which elicit the secretion of insulin in our bodies. A study on the insulin demand of … Continue reading

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