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Progressive bloggers on Palin: Civility versus namecalling

Okay, so we don’t like Sarah Palin or her political views. But does that mean it’s good for us or the nation for us to exercise our free speech through namecalling & insults? Continue reading

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In solidarity with Hilton workers

Hotel Workers Rising March in Anchorage on September 30 (photos & slidehow), with some history of Hilton Anchorage owner Columbia Sussex and its CEO, Bill Yung; plus, the physical toll of cleaning 17 rooms a day.

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True Diversity Dinner 1 & 2: Video by Janson Jones

Parts 1 & 2 of video coverage of the September 25, 2009 True Diversity Dinner in Anchorage by Janson Jones of Floridana Alaskiana v2.5. Part 1 includes background on the summer 2009 fight for the Anchorage equal rights ordinance AO 2009-64; part 2 is a montage of Janson’s photos of the dinner.

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Unity & union-busting

Workers fight for a fair contract with a union-busting employer — the Anchorage Hilton Hotel, where today two events featuring keynote speaker Lynn Swann are being held: an Alaska Republican Party fundraiser, and the Mayor’s Unity Dinner. Unity? — or union-busting?

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True Diversity v. fake unity

Another aspect of the Mayor’s “Unity” Dinner: it’s being held at the only hotel in town, the Hilton, that is in the midst of an employee-encouraged boycott because of the employer’s refusal to bargain in good faith. Also, we could use a little assistance with costs of our dinner!

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James Dobson’s God is a child abuser, & so is Jerry Prevo’s

Max Blumenthal’s new book Republican Gomorrah talks among other things about corporal punishment in Christianist practices of child discipline — practices taught by Focus on the Family leader James Dobson and, at least in 1985, Anchorage Baptist Temple pastor Jerry Prevo.

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Diversity, unity, family

Mayor Dan Sullivan claims, with his Mayor’s Unity Dinner, to be honoring values we all share, including the importance of family. But his veto last month of the Anchorage equal rights ordinance makes it clear that he only deems some families important — and mine’s not one of them.

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No, Debbie, Title VII does NOT prohibit sexual orientation discrimination in employment. Hello?

Wishing doesn’t make it so: despite Anchorage Assembly Chair Debbie Ossiander’s contention that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 covers sexual orientation discrimination, federal case law consistently shows that it does not. Here’s more proof, with a recent 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals case which found that an effeminate gay man in Pennsylvania (but not actually Emmett Honeycutt) laid off from his job had recourse under Title VII for discrimination based on gender role stereotyping, but not for sexual orientation.

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Queer eye for the sci-fi (& fantasy): LGBTA writers & homophobia

The Outer Alliance was formed to “educate, support, and celebrate LGBT contributions in the science-fiction and fantasy genres” following virulent homophobic statements by Nebula-nominated writer John C. Wright. Orson Scott Card is another prominent SF/F writer with a history of homophobia and antigay advocacy. Get the skinny here, and if you love SF and fantasy consider joining the Outer Alliance.

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Miller v. Carpeneti: Where was the press?

The lawsuit that calls for the federal courts to overturn major provisions of the Alaska Constitution with respect to judicial selection was filed on July 2. Why, then, did the Alaska press not report on it until August 26? Also included most important filings to date in the case.

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