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Pausing under the clouds: A how-to guide for getting out of the grey

Hungry, angry, lonely, tired: some of the things to be mindful about when life starts looking like shit. Again. Continue reading

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It’s all just an act… or maybe not

My last trip into the pit — my name for the worst form of depression/despair I sometimes go into — was in November & December 2007. Want to know what it feels like? I’ll try to explain. And also how I get out of it.

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Waking from the grey

The grey is a term I have for one of my modes of experiencing depression.  I wrote about it three years ago: The grey is like a great grey landscape of bleakness, just dust & stones. Emotionally dead: I can’t … Continue reading

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5-HTP & depression

I learned recently that 5-HTP is an intermediate between the amino acid tryptophan (oh ye of post-Thanksgiving turkey dinner sleepiness fame) & the neurotransmitter serotonin, whose activity is targeted by a lot of antidepressants. Thus, 5-HTP is alternative to antidepressants–& … Continue reading

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Hunger pangs & satiety

I don’t really have problems much with food cravings, not after two years of eating a low-glycemic diet & being sure I don’t skip breakfast. And I haven’t had a big sweet tooth for even longer than that. Nor have … Continue reading

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Depression & despair

I’ve had lifelong issues with depression & despair — though I’ve never really thought about how they might be related to PCOS or insulin resistance. I have, over time, learned the things I need to do to take care of … Continue reading

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