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Transgender/transsexual folks represent the T in the common acronym LGBT (or GLBT) representing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans community. In some times & places, transfolk have never been welcomed, or once welcomed have later been betrayed by the rest of the community. We’re not going to do that here in Anchorage. I’m not going to do it personally. We are all, or none.

Three Assembly hearings: A compilation

Compiling posts and publications on the first three hearings on the AO 2009-64, the Anchorage equal rights ordinance. Continue reading

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Liveblogging Assembly meeting, June 16 (Assembly public hearing #2)

I will be testifying about these studies at tonight’s Anchorage Assembly meeting. They are online by following this link: Liveblogging commences below. I will also be occasionally twittering at which also updates my Facebook status.  This is partly to … Continue reading

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Keeping the T in LGBT

[See also my previous post on this topic, We are all, or none.] Well, now, short shrift has certainly been given to pollster Ivan Moore’s idea (posted on June 4 at 4:00 PM in comments on the web-posted version of … Continue reading

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We are all, or none

Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore suggests the Anchorage Assembly remove “gender identity” and “gender expression” from coverage under the proposed equal rights ordinance — in order to get the rigid right to agree. Sorry. I won’t throw my trans sisters & brothers under the bus. And I’m not alone.

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