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Power source

My power supply went out. Something’s begging for my attention. I’m pretty sure it’s me. Continue reading

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The “friendly snowplows” of Anchorage: Making things livable for cars & (some) homeowners, but creating unnavigable nightmares for people who walk

From the Alaska Dispatch today comes news that Anchorage’s “friendly snowplows” have helped Anchorage to the top of Livability’s list of the 10 most livable winter cities. Right. Walk a few blocks in MY winter boots.

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Sweetheart lived up to her name. May she rest in peace.

Unexpected sad news: Jesse’s dog Sweetheart was lost to us today. Jesse called me when I was still downtown writing, telling me he had taken the dog to the vet & was told that she had a kidney problem that … Continue reading

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Väinämöinen, my boy Vai, died this morning

He’s gone now. Pretty sudden… a heart attack…?… he was perched on top of me this morning, as he often did, and visited me in the bathroom, bumping up against me this morning as I was getting ready for work… … Continue reading

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This one for you, James Crump

James Crump came to Alaska to find himself, and stayed in Alaska to share himself with us. His death on June 25 at Anchorage’s Pride parade was a blow not only to his family & friends, but also to our whole community. But just what is our community — and where do we go from here?

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Prepping for Netroots Nation — #nn11 #nn11lgbt

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I’m going to Netroots Nation 11 on full scholarship through the LGBT Netroots Connect initiative. Now it’s time to finish preparing for it — if only because I’m about to fly outta here.

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I’m not a mother, but I am. And then there’s Anya James.

I never intended to become a mother, but then my partner’s nephew came to us from a background of severe abuse & neglect. Now he’s 23 & doing great. In contrast: the case of Anya James.

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My neighbor is a Time Lord

Can the Doctor save us from the Rapture Van? Can Buffy avert the post-Rapture Apocalypse? Is there really a Hellmouth at Baxter & Northern Lights, and a TARDIS at my apartment complex?

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How a really cool bunch of people, most of whom I’ve never met, did something wonderful for my friend

My friend’s main connection with the world — her computer — died, & prospects for getting another one were dim. But then, unasked, a bunch of folks on her mystery book discussion list stepped forward.

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The death of Osama bin Laden, & an Obama appreciation

So much death and stupidity has proceeded from that one day, catalyzed by that one man, who was so tremendously successful at unleashing the murderousness and hatred of so many. It would be nice if all the killing and stupidity would end with his death. But it won’t.

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