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Hi All, I'm Mel's beloved ex. We are just complicated, but I'm biased when talking about her. She's great. She may be biased about me, but she is really important to me because she of all the people in the world, she understands me or tries too. I'm grown up out of an Air Force NCO father and climate, having traveled to foreign lands like Holland, and the Phillipines, as well as the Dine Nation in Arizona. Sorry, I can't spell that country. Bad speller me. Anyway, I early learned about other cultures, including my own, as English was second to my hand spun sign language I shared with my sister and visual lip reading with others. I used to be very shy about my language, but Mel has been very helpful in leading me to see my swell articulation. This has been really helpful, cause my book is thick and my experiences have been those that led me to have a rich context to what I hope will be good ideas about how to live more sustainably in the future, beginning with how we treat each other and conduct activities together. All of us are too alone and void of context into the natural world our bones are from. So, I will lead on with my curvy path, and flights across many stones others are stuck to step across, leading to my name, ptery, short for pterydactyl, terrible, can't spell that either. My mind flies, thinking very visually, so it's hopefully a useful skill. Blessing to all of you, and merry meet,

Anatomy of an Epidemic: Book review

An extensive review by Ptery of Robert Whitaker’s book Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America, with a personal history. Continue reading

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Re-wilding, in the middle of…

Ptery’s first post at Henkimaa, where he gives a rundown of what he’s been doing since returning to the Lower 48 after his 5-week visit to Anchorage.

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