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The “friendly snowplows” of Anchorage: Making things livable for cars & (some) homeowners, but creating unnavigable nightmares for people who walk

From the Alaska Dispatch today comes news that Anchorage’s “friendly snowplows” have helped Anchorage to the top of Livability’s list of the 10 most livable winter cities. Right. Walk a few blocks in MY winter boots. Continue reading

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Sweetheart lived up to her name. May she rest in peace.

Unexpected sad news: Jesse’s dog Sweetheart was lost to us today. Jesse called me when I was still downtown writing, telling me he had taken the dog to the vet & was told that she had a kidney problem that … Continue reading

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Space travel can mess up your digestion

In which I channel my character Esti Gusev — or at least I channeled something. I.e., sometimes the hazards of space travel can come right down to Earth. (A la Neil F. Comin’s book The Hazards of Space Travel: A Tourist’s Guide).

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Becoming a Goodreads author

Yesterday after I posted about publication of my story “Pushaway” to my Facebook wall, my friend Cyd told me that I have an author profile on Goodreads. And what is Goodreads?  It’s “the largest site for readers and book recommendations … Continue reading

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“Pushaway” published in the anthology Subversion

My story “Pushaway,” which tells the story of how my character Esti Gusev grew up in a toxic religious community on Mars, has now been published in the anthology Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy Tales of Challenging the Norm, edited by Bart Leib.

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