Hangin’ with the Justice folks

John Angell & me

John Angell & me. 2011 Justice Center Reception, UAA Consortium Library, 3 May 2011.

John Angell was the Director of the UAA Justice Center for the first several years I worked there starting in 1990. I still work there, but he’s emeritus. I took this self-portrait with him this past Tuesday at the annual reception the Justice Center holds for our university and community partners.

It’s one of a bunch of photos that I and my coworker Barbara Armstrong took at the reception; a complete slide show is the UAA Justice Center blog. Among the faces you’ll see there: Walt Monegan, former Anchorage police chief and former Alaska Commission of Public Safety Commissioner under Gov. Sarah Palin until she fired him — part of the Troopergate scandal during the summer and fall of 2008.  He’s now with the Alaska Native Justice Center. I didn’t talk with him, but he’s still really cool.

There’s also pics of a lot of the great people I work with. That’s really cool, too.

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