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The Daily Tweets 2011-05-28

Oops. Old Navy forgot to say that its Pride 2011 tees are being sold at only 26 of their 1000+ outlets. #

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The Daily Tweets 2011-05-26: The sun’s gone wibbly

Huh. Twitter Tools has suddenly started working again — just in time to further glorify Doctor Who, and to bid fond farewell to Spirit rover… which my character Esti Gusev will one day see in Gusev Crater (after which she … Continue reading

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I’m going to Netroots Nation

Mel the reluctant political blogger is going to Netroots Nation after all — on full scholarship through the LGBT Netroots Connect initiative. Wanna know what I said on my scholarship application? Then read this post.

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I’m not a mother, but I am. And then there’s Anya James.

I never intended to become a mother, but then my partner’s nephew came to us from a background of severe abuse & neglect. Now he’s 23 & doing great. In contrast: the case of Anya James.

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My neighbor is a Time Lord

Can the Doctor save us from the Rapture Van? Can Buffy avert the post-Rapture Apocalypse? Is there really a Hellmouth at Baxter & Northern Lights, and a TARDIS at my apartment complex?

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I won’t abandon my integrity, even if you abandon me

I feel like talking about the Book of Job again, because (1) I’ll be giving a talk that starts out with my Job poem “Sermon” next month & (2) I’m reading a lot of old emails about a particularly Job-relevant period of my life.

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Hangin’ with the Justice folks

John Angell was the Director of the UAA Justice Center for the first several years I worked there starting in 1990. I still work there, but he’s emeritus. I took this self-portrait with him this past Tuesday at the annual … Continue reading

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How a really cool bunch of people, most of whom I’ve never met, did something wonderful for my friend

My friend’s main connection with the world — her computer — died, & prospects for getting another one were dim. But then, unasked, a bunch of folks on her mystery book discussion list stepped forward.

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The Daily Tweets 2011-05-05

Breaking news? No, broken record news: Palin once again says something stupid. STFU, you complete irrelevancy. #fb #

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On celebrating the death of bin Laden

Is it okay or moral to be glad about that a man was killed — even one who has committed as much evil as Osama bin Laden? Here’s my take.

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