Anthony Rollins, accused serial rapist, found guilty on 18 of 20 charges

Nesbett Courthouse, Alaska Court System

The jury verdict was heard today in Case No. 3AN-09-07868CR, State of Alaska v. Rollins. Anthony Rollins was found guilty on 18 of 20 counts for which he was tried.

After five days of deliberation, today the jury in the trial of Anthony Rollins, former Anchorage Police Department officer accused of sexually assaulting multiple women while on duty and in uniform, found him guilty on 18 of the 20 charges against him. He was found guilty on charges of sexual assault, criminal use of computer, official misconduct for 5 of 6 alleged victims. He was found not guilty of sexual assault and official conduct with regard to one of the victims.  Rollins is due to be sentenced, I believe, on June 10.

I learned this through following the Twitter feeds of  Grace Jang of KTVA Channel 11 News,  Rebecca Palsha of KTUU Channel 2 News, and whoever was tweeting for the Anchorage Daily News.  News stories are already up at all three news websites — KTVA | KTUU | ADN — & undoubtedly more extensive coverage will be forthcoming tonight and tomorrow. Thanks particularly to Grace Jang and her colleague at KTVA, photographer Ken Fankhauser, whose use of Twitter brought a additional level of journalistic excellence to the trial.

Thank you to the jurors who served on this case; the attorneys (both prosecution and defense), judges, and other officers and employees of the court; the Anchorage Police Department officers who investigated the case; and the witnesses whose courage on the stand helped bring this case to trial, and to bring this conviction.

I’m not going to so simply say that these verdicts brought “justice” — that’s a much vaster thing than simply a verdict, a sentence, a man sent to prison.  The swath of hurt in any case like this runs deep and wide, extending not only to the victims and their families, but to the family and friends of the offender, the communities that all of them live in, the community — Anchorage — that all of us live in.  Even, yeah, the offender himself.  And maybe I’ll write more about that later.

But given the limitations of the justice system that we have in place… this is certainly much closer to “justice” than a verdict of “innocent” would have been.  I’m glad that Rollins will not be free to victimize other women.

Update: The Daily Tweets

I wrote this post before my automatically generated “The Daily Tweets” post generated. But since almost all of the tweets were about — or retweets of other people’s tweets about — today’s verdict, I’m just going to roll them into this post. So, here they are:

  • Rollins trial via @GraceJangKTVA: Jury resumes deliberations. Friday asked for playbacks of testimonies, 2 Qs re official misconduct. #fb #
  • BREAKING — RT: @GraceJangKTVA: Jury has reached verdict on #Rollins #039; 20 counts, from sexual assault to official misconduct. #fb #
  • Anthony Rollins verdict about to be heard in court. Per RT: @GraceJangKTVA, courtroom is filling up. #fb #
  • (Meanwhile, Echofon for Firefox is malfunctioning…. #$(&##$**@&@*(#&!!!) #
  • @adndogcom is also in Rollins courtroom awaiting jury’s verdict. #
  • I mean @adndotcom … [shaking head at my propensity to typo….] #
  • @GraceJangKTVA reports that first victim known in Rollins case is in courtroom as is her boyfriend & sister. #fb #
  • RT: @adndotcom: @yksin That’s after the Iditarod starts… // brilliant! #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: Reps from Standing Together Against Rape and police union also here // and “Victim 4” #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: V3, who says #Rollins never sexually assaulted her but acted unprofessionally w/”sleazy come-on lines” also in court #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: Courtroom packed to the gills, but no sight of #Rollins nor his attorney #fb #
  • (Echofon now showing tweets from two different Twitter accounts I maintain all mixed up. [unable to tear hair out b/c it’s too short) #fb #
  • Everybody in Rollins courtroom still waiting for Rollins & his attorney to turn up. #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: #Rollins his attorney and wife just got here // Verdict on 20 counts should be heard soon. #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: Judge Michael Spaan presiding today. Judge Volland, V2 and V7 on the phone #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: Jury in #fb #
  • @RebeccaPalsha of KTUU reports guilt on all counts read out so far. #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: Guilty on all counts except 2 #fb #
  • That’s Anthony Rollins found guilty on 18 of 20 counts on which he was indicted. #fb #
  • RT: @adndotcom: Rollins guilty on charges of sexual assault, criminal use of computer & official misconduct for 5 of 6 alleged victims #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: Not guilty on sex assault for V7 and not guilty on official misconduct re V7 #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: Sentencing June 10 at 9 am for #Rollins Defense objects. Wants June 20 #fb #
  • RT: @RebeccaPalsha: Rollins crying #fb #
  • RT: @GraceJangKTVA: #Rollins #039; sister crying inconsolably #fb #
  • RT: @Ch2KTUU: Former APD Officer #Rollins found guilty on nearly all counts of sexual assault. #fb #
  • RT: @KTVA: Former APD Officer #Rollins Convicted on 18 Counts #fb #
  • RT: @adndotcom: Article up at Jury finds ex-officer Rollins guilty of most charges in sex assault trial. #fb #
  • RT: @Scallywag195: @yksin Is his wife crying? // They didn’t say. But I feel bad for his family, as well as victims & their families. #
  • RT: @Scallywag195: @AKwriteclub Sugarspoon, correct? // That’s where I’ll be heading after 5:00. #
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